Why I Seldom Write about Specific Widows and Single Moms

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Recently, I received  news that Dorothy Nickerson, one of our original care receivers at my church, passed away. Her team served her faithfully starting in 2003, and even kept in touch regularly when she moved to Washington State a few years ago. I’m devoting an entire post to her and her amazing team on Monday because they are a wonderful example of what this ministry is all about.

But you may have noticed that I seldom write about individual care receivers. This is partly to protect their privacy. But the main reason is because I rarely get to meet the care receivers of churches with men’s team ministries. I work directly with church leaders – Pastors, men’s ministry directors, and laymen – as I help them plan and execute their men’s team ministry. But I almost never hear from their care receivers or their teams. So I have a few suggestions on how you can help me.

  • Send me your stories. I love getting reports from teams about how their ministry has impacted their care receiver and themselves. Videos, pictures and personal testimonies are always greatly appreciated. They’re an encouragement to me and to everyone I share them with.
  • Start your own social media page. Dedicated men’s team ministry Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages provide a great platform for your men to share their team experiences with each other and with the world.
  • Join Meeting to Meet Needs and post in our Facebook Group. Our private Meeting to Meet Needs Facebook group isn’t up and running yet. But it will be in about ten days. This Facebook Group will help Meeting to Meet Needs members share their experiences and discuss issues and best practices in a confidential setting. You can join Meeting to Meet Needs here.

Sometimes I just want to get up on a rooftop and shout, “HEY EVERYONE! MEN’S TEAM MINISTRY IS THE COOLEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!” If that’s the way you feel too, help me spread the word by encouraging your teams and care receivers to tell their stories.

This post first appeared in NewCommandment.org.

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