Today We Celebrate Dorothy Nickerson and Her Team at Crossroads Church, Northglenn, Colorado

Dorothy Nickerson

Fifteen years ago this May, my church – Crossroads in Northglenn, Colorado – started a men’s team ministry to its widowed and single parents with twelve men, three teams and three care receivers. The ministry has been going strong all these years and today we have fifteen teams, twenty-five care receivers and sixty men involved.

While I had been doing men’s team ministry in my pastorates and in other churches prior to Crossroads, this church was the first large church with over 1,000 members to start the ministry. So I was excited to see how the concept would work in that context. I’m  thankful to Pastor Kim Skattum and the staff at Crossroads for letting me use the church as a testing ground for what was then a fairly new and unproven ministry.

Sadly, I received word last week that one of our first three care receivers, Dorothy Nickerson, passed away. Her team started serving her in 2003 and even kept in touch with her on a regular basis when she moved away a few years ago. I want to thank Mike Davisson, John Akers, John Schweizer and Bill Nicholson for their very faithful service. They have exemplified exactly what it means to love their care receiver with the love of Christ by identifying with her, committing to her and sacrificing for her. Thank you, Men!

Below are some pictures of their ministry to Dorothy. They exemplify the pure joy of serving widows and single moms.

Dorothy with her team in her home. (L-R) John Akers, John Schweizer, Dorothy Nickerson, Bill Nicholson, Mike Davisson
(L-R) Bill Nicholson, John Akers, and Mike Davisson working around Dorothy’s home.
(L-R) Bill Nicholson, John Akers, and Mike Davisson with Dorothy Nickerson goofing around on a motorcycle they found in her garage.
(L-R) John Schweizer, John Akers and Mike Davisson with Dorothy
Dorothys team and their wives share a meal out with her.
Dorothy celebrating her 86th birthday with her team.

Want to memorialize your care receiver who has passed away, or celebrate a milestone, such as 5, 10 or 15 years of service? Send me your pictures and story and I’ll publish it here.

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