Training Men to Meet Pressing Needs in Your Church and Community

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“Let our people learn to engage in good deeds, to meet pressing needs, that they may not be unfruitful.” (Titus 3:14).

Over the past fourteen years New Commandment Men’s Ministries has trained over 18,000 men to meet pressing needs in more than 900 churches across America and around the world. We do this by teaching men about three types of needs most churches experience:

Emergency Needs – People facing immediate danger to life or property.
Long Term Needs – People whose normal relationships have been severed, such as the widowed and single parents.
Catastrophic Needs – People who experience a catastrophe resulting in total dependence, such as orphans.

We then train men to meet the long term needs first by giving them a proven and effective men’s team model. After they have successfully addressed the long term needs in the church, the men’s team ministry is ready to meet the other two types of needs: emergency and catastrophic needs. The end result of this type of men’s ministry is that the church is eventually able to say, “There is not a needy person among us.”

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