Other Men’s Ministry Resources

  1. Men’s Ministry Speaker’s Bureau  – Recommended speakers for your men’s ministry event.
  2. lron Sharpens Iron – Inspire and train your men at these nationwide one day conferences.
  3. National Coalition of Ministries to Men – Research men’s ministry resources around the country.
  4. LifeWay Men – Literature and conferences for men from the largest Christian publisher in the world.
  5. A Chosen Generation – Learn to minister to men across generations.
  6. Man in the Mirror – Discover events, retreats and tools for men’s ministry.
  7. Church for Men – A national men’s ministry dedicated to helping the church focus on men.
  8. Promise Keepers – A nationwide men’s conference ministry noted for its inspiring worship and powerful plenary speakers.
  9. Uncommen – A discipleship ministry focusing on motivating men to be uncommon examples of what it means to be a Christ follower.
  10. Men in Balance – Provides support for men seeking balance and integration in their occupational, spiritual, and personal lives.
  11. On Target Ministries – A national ministry with a focus on men, couples and pastors.
  12. People Matter Ministries – A national ministry that helps men achieve their god-given potential.
  13. Character that Counts – A national men’s discipleship ministry that focuses on developing character.
  14. Knights of the 21st Century – A men’s ministry curriculum that focuses on helping men understand their complexity.
  15. Every Man Ministries – A national men’s ministry emphasizing transparency.
  16. Tower of Light Ministries – Focuses on homosexuality.
  17. Man Up God’s Way – A nationally known men’s ministry speaker.
  18. Men of the Word – Resources for motivating men to study the Bible for themselves.
  19. Christian Service Brigade – Building godly men of today and tomorrow.
  20. Core 300 – A regional men’s ministry in Southern California.
  21. Zoweh Ministries – A discipleship and counseling initiative based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  22. Focal Point Ministries – A regional men’s ministry in NW Illinois.
  23. Men’s Ministry Catalyst – A regional men’s ministry in the Pacific Northwest.
  24. Promise Keepers New Zealand – A national men’s ministry in New Zealand and our national representatives for New Zealand and Australia.
  25. Relevant Practical Ministry for Men – A regional men’s ministry in central and southern Illinois.
  26. Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries – A regional men’s ministry in the Washington DC area.
  27. Million Mighty Men – A regional men’s ministry in the Pacific Northwest.
  28. The Great Hunt for God – A regional men’s ministry in the Pacific Northwest.
  29. C12 Group – A forum for Christian CEOs and business owners.
  30. A Father’s Walk Single Dad Ministry – A ministry specifically for single dads.
  31. Men With No Regrets – A national men’s conference and discipleship ministry.
  32. The Pure Man – A ministry that helps men overcome pornography addiction.
  33. Man Up – Helping men discover God’s plan.
  34. Marked Men for Chirst – Building stronger men for Jesus Christ.