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Men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents started spreading to churches beyond my own pastorate 15 years ago at a funeral – my brother-in-law’s. Roy died of cancer at the age of 48, leaving my sister Dottie with two teenage girls to raise on her own. Dottie asked me to do the funeral, […]

Why, When and How You Should Use Funerals to Recruit ...

Here are 6 reasons why every man in your orientation needs to have his own workbook. 1. Your men will retain the material on the DVD much better if they also see it in the workbook. The more ways men receive information, the better they learn it. The video is great for motivating through story […]

6 Reasons Why Every Man Should Have a Workbook at ...

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I’m ticked. Patti and I have recently spent about $1,000 and over 20 hours or our time helping someone out of a very difficult situation and they in turn have completely abused their privileges and cut themselves off from all contact with us. We thought we were being prudent and wise with who we shared […]

When You Do Good and Get Kicked in the Teeth ...

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I have a question that goes to the core of what we’re seeing in America’s current presidential race: if it is true that science has proven that humans are simply animals and nothing more, then why should we expect men to act differently? Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, et. al., are not exceptions, but […]

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Successful local church men’s ministries don’t happen in a vacuum. Amazing peer reviewed and field tested men’s ministry resources are available today that weren’t just twenty or thirty years ago. This men’s ministry renaissance has resulted in established and mature national men’s ministries, an extensive men’s ministry literature, and a multitude of powerful and effective […]

More than Pancakes: 5 Men’s Ministries You Should Know About

When I talk and write about the love of Christ, I feel like a child trying to copy a Rembrandt with finger paint. Please forgive me for my gross inadequacy and run fast after you have read this to the real picture painted in Scripture. The love of Christ is the central theme in Christianity. […]

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“Focus on the Family” “Family Christian Stores” “Family Worship Center” “Faith in the Family” “Rock Family Church” “Family Church” I have a pet peeve: the American church is way too focused on the family and the result is a stunted witness to the world. Here’s why I think this is true. The church is based […]

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If, like myself, you grew up in church, you may remember that junior and high Sunday school was, well, rather tiring, if not downright boring. Or perhaps you’ve taught this age group in Sunday School and watched your pensive teens stare at the floor as you waxed eloquent on the Hypostatic Union. Well, here’s a […]

Energize Sleepy Teens in Sunday Morning Sunday School

The question of liability comes up from time to time when talking about men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents. Men working in the homes of vulnerable people conjures up images of lawsuits over personal injury, damage to homes and even physical abuse. I know of instances where churches become so concerned over […]

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“You need to take your ministry to the inner city!” That wasn’t the reaction I expected to hear from the President of Promise Keepers. I was sharing a lunch with Dr. Raleigh Washington and talking about how God had been blessing New Commandment Men’s Ministries when he suddenly and emphatically blurted that out. “Well, we […]

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Here’s a common problem I’ve seen when churches begin their men’s team ministry to their widowed and single parents: If the church isn’t clear on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it when promoting their men’s team ministry, people in the congregation won’t understand the nature of the ministry and will consequently develop false […]

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It’s easy to start and maintain a men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents in your church. We’ve designed our material so that any layman can do it. Over the years hundreds of men have done just that. You don’t have to have any special training. And you can start this ministry in […]

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