But Does This Work?

I‘ve discussed the seven ways Christian men go about meeting pressing needs in their five circles of responsibility (Those circles of responsibility being themselves, their family, their extended family, their church and their neighbor). The means by which Christian men meet pressing needs are: they develop loving relationships, they work hard, they sacrifice, they use […]



Meeting the Pressing Needs in a Christian Man’s Five Circles of Responsibility 1

Now that we’ve identified the five circles of a Christian man’s responsibility to guarantee the well-being of those in need around him–himself, his family, his extended family, his church and his neighbors–the next question is how one goes about fulfilling this responsibility. At first, one would think that guaranteeing the well-being of all of these […]

A Christian Man’s Five Circles of Responsibility…and Blessing

Circles of Responsibility Okay, so now we know that the task of a Christian’s man’s good work is to guarantee the wellbeing of those around him. So the question is, who are these people who are “around” him? Before I answer this question, remember, I am not at the moment dealing with how he guarantees the […]

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A Christian Man’s Good Work, Part II

In my last post, I developed the topic of what a Christian man’s good work is, namely, that of guaranteeing the wellbeing of those in need around him. We saw that there are excellent examples throughout the Word of God of men taking responsibility for others, such as Abraham, Judah, Jonathan, and John. Today I […]

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Who Benefits From a Man’s Good Works? The Neediest Among Us.

Now that we men are in a proper relationship with God through faith in his son, Jesus Christ, it’s time to get to work and do the amazing good God has called us to do. So the question is, who does God want us to do our good works for? Fortunately, Scripture is clear about who […]

Signed the Contract? Then Let’s Get to Work.

As I’ve stated before, what sets Christian good works apart from all other good works is that Christian good works are done “under contract.” That is, Christians are in a covenant relationship with God and that covenant dictates what kind of good works we do. Our covenant is called the “New Covenant.” This covenant, or […]

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Every Man’s Dream, Every Man’s Reality

Every man harbors, either consciously or unconsciously, a powerful dream inside him. It’s the dream of being a hero. What guy hasn’t wanted to be the stereotypical white knight in shining armor riding in on his stallion to save the day (and impress the girls)? Hollywood makes billions of dollars off of this dream by […]

Coming Clean with God

When it comes to sin, all men are introverts. Guilt, shame and fear, as Gordon Dalby so eloquently points out in his book, Healing the Masculine Soul, keep us chained behind our private door. We can’t get out to do the good God wants us to do because, like Cain, sin is right there pouncing on […]

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All Men’s Ministry Begins at Cain’s Door 1

I was doing so well. My first post introduced the idea of how God has amazing things for us men to do. These are good things, jaw-dropping things. My second post talked about how the only thing we have to do to accomplish these good things is enter into a covenant relationship with God. Simple enough. But […]