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“You need to take your ministry to the inner city!” That wasn’t the reaction I expected to hear from the President of Promise Keepers. I was sharing a lunch with Dr. Raleigh Washington and talking about how God had been blessing New Commandment Men’s Ministries when he suddenly and emphatically blurted that out. “Well, we […]

I’ve Been Invited Back to Ferguson, Missouri, and I Need ...

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Here’s a common problem I’ve seen when churches begin their men’s team ministry to their widowed and single parents: If the church isn’t clear on what they’re doing and why they’re doing it when promoting their men’s team ministry, people in the congregation won’t understand the nature of the ministry and will consequently develop false […]

Why You Must Clearly Educate Your Congregation on What Your ...

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It’s easy to start and maintain a men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents in your church. We’ve designed our material so that any layman can do it. Over the years hundreds of men have done just that. You don’t have to have any special training. And you can start this ministry in […]

How Any Layman Can Start a Men’s Team Ministry to ...

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“No one is so insignificant as to be without influence.” This quote by Betty Carlson in her book, From the Mountains of L’Abri, has stayed with me for forty years. It summarizes in a nutshell the reality that we are all interconnected and every single person, no matter how seemingly small, has the potential to […]

Becoming a High Impact Christian Man

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Widows, widowers and single parents are everywhere. And Christian men are everywhere. Combine these two realities with New Commandment Men’s Ministries and the Internet, and this is why men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents has spread all over the world. With this in mind, here are some things you personally can do […]

6 Simple Ways You can Promote Men’s Team Ministry to ...

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Here’s a creative way Christian colleges and seminaries can teach their students to apply the love of Christ to people with long term needs, such as the widowed and single parents. Set a school goal of meeting the needs of everyone with  long term needs within (x distance) from the campus. Now before you immediately […]

How Christian Colleges and Seminaries Can Meet the Needs of ...

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In my seminar on men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents–which I’ve done probably 200+ times–when I get to the place where I describe the actual men’s team ministry model, I always emphasize that it’s just a model and every church is welcome to modify it according to their needs. The model that […]

How I’ve Tinkered with the Men’s Team Ministry Model Over ...

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Okay, so you know that God created you and saved you to do good works that meet the pressing needs around you. But here’s the problem: you see all kinds of pressing needs around you and some of them are overwhelming. How do you go about the seemingly impossible task of addressing them? Let’s first talk about […]

How to Identify and Prioritize the Pressing Needs Around You

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It may sound audacious to talk about ten year goals for your church’s men’s ministry. Most church men’s ministries would be thrilled to keep going for two or three years. But by New Commandment Men’s Ministry standards, ten years is itself a brief length of time. We minister to care receivers whose needs can extend […]

What are Your Ten Year Goals for Your Church’s Men’s ...

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All potential care receivers for men’s team ministry are unique and have unique needs. Some of those needs are more severe than others. Therefore, churches need guidelines for choosing their care receivers. Below are some suggestions: The need must be long term. Men’s team ministry is designed specifically for people with long term needs, such […]

Some Guidelines to Consider for Choosing Care Receivers

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Don’t get me wrong. I love my seminary and my seminary education. It was a wonderful privilege to attend Dallas Theological Seminary and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. For four years I sat under some of the greatest men of God and professors at the time and soaked as much in as I could.  As a fellow pastor […]

How the Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned Since Seminary Transformed ...

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Here are two stories about two widows and single mothers. They happened at the same time and illustrate the difference between pressing needs and non pressing needs and why it’s important to distinguish between the two. The first story is about a situation that happened last week. It was 9 PM when the doorbell rang. […]

How Two Widows and Single Parents Illustrate the Difference Between ...