We all know from experience when we’re in healthy or unhealthy relationships. But sometimes it’s difficult to explain why they are the way they are. Years ago I came across a list of 8 qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships, 4 each for the healthy and

8 Qualities of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Being a multimillionaire these days isn’t what it used to be. But it’s still an easy way to classify those in the upper echelons of our society. If you’re one of the three people reading this who fall into this category and have the ability to

Why Every Multimillionaire Should Pull a Widow’s Weeds

Dad had never wept before. Not even at Grandma Reese’s funeral. At least I had never seen him. So it came as quite a shock, the day Dad wept. To say that Dad was quiet and an introvert is putting it mildly. I’m quiet and introverted too. But

The Day Dad Wept

I’ve moved often over the years, both as a single man and while married. So I’ve collected a number of bad neighbor stories that inspire me to think about what it means to be a good–and bad–neighbor. Take the lout across the street from us

Is Your Neighbor Loved by You or Just Bugged by ...

Men’s ministry, like the men it seeks to serve, isn’t complicated. After having attended over 150 men’s conferences over the past 14 years (mostly Iron Sharpens Iron conferences), I can summarize the topics covered at these conferences under nine general headings. Here they are. 1. Becoming a Christian It’s encouraging

Crucial Topics in Men’s Ministry

Early on in my ministry I sat through a seminar given by my lifelong friend, Dr. Don Sunukjian (pronounced Sa-Noo-key-an), professor of homiletics at Talbot Seminary. The title of the seminar was “Increasing Clarity and Relevance in Your Preaching.” It was one of the best seminars I’ve ever

How to Use Story and Illustration to Motivate Your Men ...

[Note: From time to time I’ll be re-publishing interviews I’ve done with national Christian leaders. This is my interview with Emily Colson from two years ago. Enjoy.] Emily Colson, daughter of Prison Fellowship founder, Chuck Colson, shares how she found God’s blessing in the midst of trial as a single mom and mother of an […]

A Single Mom’s Gift from God: An Interview with Emily ...

All ministry involves liability. While you should not let liability issues stop you from doing biblical ministry, you can mitigate liability by stressing safety from the first day of your men’s team ministry. ( See also my post, “How to Deal with Issues of Liability with Your Men’s Team

Emphasize Safety From the Very Beginning of Your Men’s Team ...

Freedom for a Man by Nebojsa Mladjenovic
A man commits armed robbery and gets sent to prison for 15 years. He pays his debt to society and gets out. I want to consider four different possibilities that might happen after his release. I’m labeling them bad, good, gooder, goodest. Bad Under this scenario

Bad, Good, Gooder, Goodest

Widows and single moms are often the last to receive significant ministry in the church. But in the New Testament, they were the first. How should the modern church go about serving the widows and single moms in its midst? Here are some suggestions: Widows and single moms need spiritual

What Widows and Single Moms Need from the Church

The more I think about developing an online community for men’s team ministry, the more excited I get. Here are my thoughts about what this community might look like. It will have three “spaces”: a meeting space, a classroom space, and a bonus space. 1. A meeting space for those

Some Thoughts on an Online Community for Men’s Team Ministry