“Herb, have you checked your website this morning?” Long before Russian hackers hacked into the DNC and Sidney Blumenthal’s emails to Hillary Clinton, they discovered the strategic importance of New Commandment Men’s Ministries. Maybe Vladimir Putin felt we were a geopolitical threat to his international goals,

The Day Azerbaijani Rebels Liberated New Commandment from Russian Hackers

I’ve mentioned Dixie in a previous post about losing weight. While my dog, a German shepherd husky mix, may seem to have little to do with my three major blogging topics-men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents, men’s ministry in

A Man and His Dog: Spiritual Lessons from Dixie

Over the years, I’ve often asked the men in my workshops how many of them have helped someone in their church move. Well over ninety percent raise their hands, often groaning and nodding as they do. Then I joke about how they didn’t know it, but when they

How Your Church Can Quit the Moving Business without Guilt

We just got through the holiday season, which means we all received a tsunami of requests for donations from charities, New Commandment Men’s Ministries included. But more than a few of us may be experiencing “Giver’s Remorse,” a subtle regret that maybe it wasn’t so smart

Giver’s Remorse? Here’s How to Evaluate a Charity

I know it sounds naive to even ask this question, but if America in the early 19th century could be regarded as primarily a “Christian” nation, meaning the Bible was taken seriously by the culture in general, most churches, with some variance, held to historic Christian

Why Didn’t the Practice of the Love of Christ Preclude ...

[UPDATE: Last month, December 2016, my readership went from 3,000 a month to over 4,000, a 33% increase! Please continue to pray for me and for the ministry of New Commandment.] As just about everyone who reads this blog knows, my ministry trains men to show the love of Christ to the widowed, single parents, […]

Men’s Team Ministry is Not the Be-All and End-All of ...

After my interview with Jim Daley on Focus on the Family in 2011, I went out to lunch with the producer. He mentioned the hundreds of requests for interviews FOTF gets from a multitude of Christian organizations. To which I responded, “And yet you took the

Orthopraxy Has Nothing to do With Your Teeth

At first blush, men’s health and ministry to widows and single moms seem to be two disparate fields. But they aren’t at all. In fact, they’re intimately intertwined. Consider these truisms: healthy men by definition make fewer widows and single moms and they serve

Lose the Weight, Because Healthy Men Make Fewer Widows and ...

I’ve been in ministry almost all of my professional life. And my wife has been a nurse practitioner all of hers. Early on in our marriage I realized that I would probably never make more than she did. It wasn’t an easy pill to

So Your Wife Makes More than You Do? Get Over ...

I’ve been putting it off for years, writing a book on men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents. I’ll probably put it off for one or two more. But at least now I’ve got an outline in my head. Here it is. Chapter 1:

An Outline for My New Book on Men’s Team Ministry