November was the best blogging month I’ve had to date. When I started writing this blog once a month (sometimes) back in January, 2014, my first post was read a whopping 110 times. But last month, my posts were read 6,245 times by over 3,000 people! Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I hope you are […]

Thanks for a Fantastic November. Now Here’s the Plan

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For those of us who, like myself, have an obsessive streak in our personalities, talking about meeting pressing needs can be like offering a PB&J sandwich to someone with a peanut allergy. Suddenly we become focused solely on meeting the needs of others and lose our life balance. For myself, I have a personal Scriptural […]

How to Meet Pressing Needs Without Becoming Obsessive

Here’s the picture: you’re a single mom or widow (or a single dad or widower or someone who is disabled) and you’d absolutely love for your church to form a team for you to help you out around your home once a month for two hours. In fact, you desperately need a team like this. […]

How a Single Mom or Widow Can Start a Men’s ...

Today’s Christians often focus on the New Testament concept of agape love, or unconditional love, especially as it is expressed in 1 Corinthians 13. But we often forget another important aspect of love that forms a cornerstone of the Old Testament: hesed love.  The Hebrew term “hesed” does not have an exact English equivalent. It […]

Hesed Love is What We’re Attempting to Do With Men’s ...

“Why don’t you just write a book?” That was my wife’s response when I first started talking about starting New Commandment Men’s Ministries. “Because I don’t want to write about what I just think is a great idea,” I responded. “I want to prove the value of men’s team ministry to the widowed and single […]

Men’s Team Ministry: Field Tested, Peer Reviewed

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[Note: This is a very long post. Sorry. For the two of you who actually read it all the way through, I hope you find it inspiring.] I got to thinking you might enjoy reading my story on how the Lord led me into men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents. God uses […]

How God Led Me into Ministry to the Widowed and ...

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Believers sometimes get excited about a particular ministry but then run into a brick wall when they try to get their church to start it. Men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents is no exception. Men often see this ministry as a no-brainer, but then draw blank stares when they talk about it […]

11 Obstacles to Starting a Men’s Team Ministry and How ...

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As I speak on men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents around the country, I often make the following statement: “It is God’s will for every church to be able to say, ‘There is not a needy person among us.'” But is that really true? Does Scripture specifically teach that God’s will is […]

Is it Really God’s Will for Every Church to be ...

  Not all men’s ministries are created equal. What are the qualities of a healthy men’s ministry? Over the years, it’s been my privilege to learn about hundreds of men’s ministries all over the country. Here are the qualities I have observed. 1. Your men’s ministry has clear, biblical goals and is implementing them. There […]

9 Qualities of a Healthy Men’s Ministry

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According to Scripture, God has a deep love for widows, widowers and single parents. Therefore, Christians should too. Here are 10 ways to make widows, widowers and single parents feel special. 1. Learn who they are and remember their names. I’ve often said, “You can’t love someone you don’t know.” Make it a goal to […]

10 Ways to Make Widows, Widowers and Single Parents Feel ...

Training Men to Meet Pressing Needs 1
(Note: This post is an outline of a men’s ministry workshop I’ve done at men’s conferences around the country for many years. The title of the workshop is “Mobilize Your Men to Meet the Needs Spectrum in Your Church.” You can listen to it here.) As believers, we are commanded to meet every pressing need […]

Mobilize Your Men to Meet Every Pressing Need in Your ...

One of the reasons men’s team ministry to the widowed and single parents has spread to so many hundreds of churches is because New Commandment Men’s Ministries has made it possible to start the ministry by simply purchasing our DVD and playing it. Over 90% of churches start the ministry this way with the result […]

The Value of a Live Men’s Team Ministry Orientation for ...