He Preached on Sunday, Did Porn on Monday: An Interview with Steve Etner

Steve Etner, founder of Pure Man Ministry, is one of the most courageous and transparent speakers I’ve ever heard. When I heard his testimony of how the Lord delivered him from addiction to pornography, I new I needed to get it down for my readers. Anyone struggling with pornography or who knows someone who is […]

Steve Etner

Photo by Vanessa Hudt

Why Men are Breaking Bad 2

America has a problem with its men. Performing the following simple mind experiment will highlight the issue. Ask yourself, which comes to your mind first, men or women, as you read the following:   Spouse abusers Pornography addiction Child abandonment Terrorists Rapists Mass murderers Gangs Prisoners Drug cartels Computer hackers If you answered “women” to […]

How God Accomplishes His Good In and Through Men

Once we know that the one amazing thing God wants to do with men is “good,” we next need to ask how God accomplishes this good. The answer is simple. God accomplishes his good in and through men by the use of covenants. A covenant is a contractual agreement between two parties that stipulates the […]

Photo by Dan Moyle

Rachel Elaine

The One Amazing Thing God Wants to Do With Men 2

Let’s cut to the chase. Good. The one amazing thing God wants to do with men is good. That’s right, good. Scripture states this goal of good repeatedly. Here are just three examples:    “Learn to do good.” Isaiah 1:17    “As we have opportunity, let us do good.” Galatians 6:10    “Command them to […]